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The History channel has a new kick ass show, UFO Hunters. it is some damn good shit.

The main star is Bill Birnes, the publisher of UFO Magazine. He’s one “iconic” dude, with his ever-present sunglasses, UFO ball cap, navy coat and pants tucked into his boots. When he does take off his sunglasses he blinks his eyes like crazy.

He is a hybrid.

He talks about those people who walk among us that are a little human AND alien. He’s one, there’s no doubt.

I bet that fucker will “probe” you at any given chance.

Each week, he and his team of researchers travel to the sites of world-famous UFO events where they use high-tech equipment and cutting-edge investigative techniques to explore the encounter and arrive at answers about what really happened.

I like that most of the time the show ends with Bill believing it all and the rest of his crew basically saying they are still looking for the “smoking gun”. Because, i believe the credibility of this show is the fact that they do actually have some real scientists looking into this stuff. it’s not just some dumb asses running around with a video camera saying, “Did you see that”? Hello, most paranormal shows!

Anyway go to: http://www.history.com/minisites/ufohunters/

Or just click here

The show is beautiful to watch. it’s one of the best designed and photograped shows of it’s kind on television.

I’m just glad Bill Birnes believes.


Fuck that, I DO believe.

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