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one of my feeds comes from techcrunch. this morning it linked to this blog and a long polemic about artists and pirating music, a little dirt kicking and crying into pillows. rather than repeat what i read, i just want to post my comment. if you find that interesting, read the article. then read comment 6 by cliff gerrish who keeps the blog echovar. love his before you vote: 20 questions for day one article from april 5.

in response to reducing back to art at blackrimglasses.com:

“… i totally agree with cliff gerish. sidenote: i had a conversation once with a musician friend in which he said, “where’s your drive to get work into galleries? you only make stuff when it’s time for christmas or birthdays or funny envelopes for friends.” i told him i could care less about making art for an audience. after school, my production hasn’t slowed, it’s just made when it’s made when i want to make it. it’s freeing to make things for friends and family or posting drawings to my blogs. the thought of putting something together for the masses makes me creatively impotent.

the musician friend said, “don’t you want an audience?” gross. annoying.

i told him that to me, the philosophy of art and the business of art were two separate things. in my opinion, it’s quite a responsibility to call ones self an artist. although i have an art degree and work in an art museum, i still have a hard time calling myself an artist. it feels silly. but i’m completely embedded in the culture. i read and write and go to openings and draw on napkins and sometimes paint and other time post pictures to flickr and it all feels like the same thing and i love it and would continue to do it with or without an audience. if left alone a desert island without formal tools or people to applaud/purchase/love/hate i would eventually have to build something and create. my friend was dumbfounded. he said, “but i have something to offer the world an i feel like they are missing out if they don’t experience it.”

for other reasons we are no longer friends, but this was such an irritating thing to hear i should have seen it as foreshaddowing. art is a religion. it has a tribe. and there are infil-traitors amidst us who would’t think to bang two rocks together without a recording device to collect their sounds or a public to clap and swoon. or monetary kickbacks. it is what it is. it’s conversation. it’s breathing. it’s calories in calories out. it’s a force and i am bored with the notion of marrying it to some mode of income. it makes it not fun anymore. i make a living teaching people about art. i don’t have to make it making. i’m satisfied creating and if someone likes it or finds it funny, great. but it doesn’t determine my next move …”

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