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it’s 6:19 and grey. my windows are open. i’m home with a stomach virus that jumped ship from bean tostada to intestine island and my down there thinks it’s monday night on mass street circa 10 pm. broken glass, dicks out, vomit et al.

so i’m not especially a good candidate for new posting, but–on monday night after getting hit in the face for the third and final time by a drunk’s KU flag i looked around at the crushed flowers beneath my feet, the hairy balls 20 feet from my face, the multitude of straw cowboyhatted soroity girls in broken form and challenged myself to find the art. because someone somewhere will reduce an experience like that to an eloquent concentrate and i want to push myself to be that person. for me, art must reduce experience to its essence. all experience. positive negative vomit sunshine. that’s my new.

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