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I do.  I really really do.  I hate to type and it takes me forever to think of anything worthy to post, and I can “gab” with the best of them, but when I have to “write’ it, I’m fucked.  I feel like a total dipshit (is dip shit two words?).

I have a lot to say but not a lot to write.  I need a secretary who can take dictation.  But then I would just sit there and say nothing… and she/he would just stare at me.  Maybe I need to blog “drunk”, then I would let the words flow.  And then I would go on about some of the chicks I find really hot on TV like that girl named Crush on “American Gladiators” and I would just yell about all the racists fucks in Kentucky that fear a black President, and…. never mind, fuck Kentucky… and Ohio…… and Pennsylvania…. except for those good people who did vote for Obama while their white trash neighbors stayed in 19th century.

Drunk blogging…. I should try that.

Crush is hot, by the way.

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