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I’ve been a loyal Netflix customer for a couple years and I’ve had nothing but good things to say about the service. BUT, I recently started using the instant viewing service and I’ve been really disappointed in the selection of movies available for instant viewing. I’m not all that interested in Watching The Glimmer Man staring Steven Seagal and Keenen Ivory Wayans despite it being one of the more appealing selections in the batch. The most promising category is comedy. But it is slim pickens for fans of a good Sci-Fi or Horror flick.

I think the service itself is awesome. It works flawlessly. The video quality is great and the player is really well designed and easy to use. There were zero sound or video glitches.

I currently pay $23.99 for the 4 at-a-time (unlimited) plan which also gives me unlimited instant viewing. However, I would much rather have a limited amount of instant viewing and be able to watch any movie / television show I want, rather than have unlimited instant viewing and a limited selection of movies.

My other beef with the instant viewing service is that there is no Mac support. The majority for the people I know that are Netflix subscribers are also MAC users and none of them can take full advantage of a service that they are paying for. Mac users can use Boot Camp to run windows on their Mac, but why taint your Mac with that horrible operating system? Netflix should work without using Boot Camp. The main reason why Mac is not supported is because the studios require the use of DRM (Digital Rights Management) to protect titles and there is not a studio-sanctioned, publicly available Mac DRM solution. Apple will not license their DRM (probably because of their own movie rental service through Itunes). But Netflix promises to find a solution to this problem and make instant viewing available on the MAC. But how long will that take?

Overall, Netflix is a really awesome service and I highly recommend it.


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Our lawn was starting to look like the amazon rain forrest so Katie and I decided it was time to purchase a lawnmower so we could cut down the foot of grass surrounding our house. We decided we wanted to get an electric mower because it is more environmentally friendly than a gas powered mower, and we would save some Benjamin’s by not having to buy gas for the mower. We also decided that it would be best to get a cordless mower to avoid a mower blade meets power cord scenario.

We found a really great mower at Sears but it was on back order and they had zero clue when more would arrive. I don’t really understand how a store can operate under the “shit just shows up randomly and we sell it” policy. Shouldn’t stores order products based on the rules of supply and demand? It just seems like Sears is losing out on a ton of potential business because they suck at keeping inventory. Or maybe I just got some lazy dumbass that didn’t know how to check when the next shipment would arrive. I’m guessing it was a little of both. Fucking Sears.

After a couple hours of hunting we found a cordless electric mower at Home Depot for $317. We ended up buying the floor model because they were out of stock, and it would take a couple days before they would have any more in stock. Let me point out that Home Depot DID know when more mowers would be in stock. Fucking Sears. Let me also point out that Sears would NOT sell me the floor model. Sears is a fucking cock tease. Sears is like a hooker sitting at the bus stop with her legs spread eagle but she’s holding a sign that reads “sorry boys, it’s my day off.”

Sears never has anything on stock. I think Sears is just a giant display room for all of the other stores in town.

Me: We would like to purchase this lawn mower?

Sears: Sorry Buddy, That mower is out of stock.

Me: Do you know when one will be available?

Sears: Sorry, I’m a complete moron and I have no fucking clue when another mower will show up. Our computers just have little flickering lights on the screen. They don’t even work. We just look at them and push buttons and pretend we know what we are doing.

Me: Could you sell us the floor model.

Sears: No.

Me: What about the refurbished mower? Does it come with a bagger?

Sears: No. Those cost like $40.

Let me point out that the used lawnmower with the $40 bagger costs more than the brand new lawn mower. And they didn’t offer to pull the bagger from the floor model to make the sell. Fucking Sears.


I ended up getting a homelite 20 inch cordless electric mower. You can go to the link below if you want to know all of the specifications and read the product reviews.

Overall I give the mower 4 out of 5 stars.

The mower is really easy to switch on and off. You don’t have to pull a fucking cord 50 times to get the damn mower to start. The mower doesn’t give off any exhaust or big black clouds of smoke, and the engine is extremely quiet compared to most gas powered mowers. The mower also has a single level height control that makes adjusting the blade height extremely quick and easy.

I cut the grass in the backyard in about 10 minutes and it worked beautifully. I was feeling really great about my new purchase. But the grass in the backyard wasn’t nearly as wild or tall or thick as the grass in the front yard.

I had to raise the blade to the highest setting in order to get the mower to cut the grass without stalling out. I figured I could always make a second pass if I wanted to cut the grass any shorter. Once I adjusted the blade the mower worked beautifully.

My yard is a pretty good size and the mower ended up running out of juice right as I finished up the front yard. The mower is suppose to have an average mowing time of 45 minutes. It took me about an hour to mow the lawn. If you have a large yard it might take multiple charges to mow your entire yard. Unfortunately, it takes 15 HOURS to fully charge the battery.

The mower isn’t self propelled and it is just as heavy as your standard gas mower, so it took a little more elbow grease to push the mower around than I expected. I remember mowing my grandma’s lawn as a kid and that fucking thing would take off like a rocket and drag my scrawny ass across the yard. But I would have liked a little bit of that rocket fuel today. My body is a complete wreck. I’m out of shape. after 15 minutes I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t breathe, my clothes were soaked with sweat. My eyes burned from the rivers of sweat dripping down my face. My knees hurt from going up and down the hilly terrain. So if you have a history of heart failure you might not want to own this mower.

Better for the environment and the pocket book (no need for gas or oil)
No more trips to the gas station for gas and oil.
No need to store gas or oil in your house or garage
The mower is easy to recharge and only requires a standard wall outlet.
3-in-one Mulch, side discharge, and rear bagger.
Single lever height adjustment (1 3/4 in to 3 3/4 in cutting height range)
Easy to turn on and off.

Battery takes 15 hours to charge and only lasts 45 minutes.
The mower is NOT self propelled. More elbow grease required to push the mower around.
Doesn’t have the POWER that a gas mower has and has difficulty cutting tall grass.

Overall, I think the mower was a great purchase and it passed a very grueling test. I’m just glad I don’t have to use my old fashioned push mower all the time. That thing was a real bitch to use.

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It is well established that I am a loyal APPLE user and hate anything associated with Microsoft. Apple’s operating system is simply more intuitive and user friendly and far superior in every imaginable way.

Today I purchased a new Toshiba laptop so I can test the websites that I design on Windows. The majority of people that are surfing the web are windows users and I desperately needed to have a computer handy that would allow me to test the websites I’m building on Windows.

A little piece of me died today.

BUT… I can finally take advantage of Netflix’s instant viewing option. Which is wicked awesome.

Speaking of Netflix. If you haven’t signed up for Netflix you really really really need to stop whatever you are doing and sign up immediately. Blockbuster can suck it.

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When Katie lived with her sister Kristine, we kept a couple bowls of cat food on the porch for all of the neighborhood cats so they wouldn’t go hungry. At one point we were feeding about a dozen stray cats, dozens of birds, and a fucking possum. We kept the bowls fully stocked at all times. Whenever we went outside we would top off the bowl to make sure a cat never had to experience the disappointment and heartbreak of finding an empty bowl. All of the cats had names…. Silver Chocolate, Butter, Bobo, The Ghost of Christmas Past, Gravy, Choco, and Chubby Cheeks just to name a few.

Bobo was one of the first stray cats that started hanging out at Kristine’s house. Bobo was a very sweet and affectionate cat. We named her Bobo because her tongue hung out of the side of her mouth like a stroke victim. We suspected that someone had abused her because most of her front teeth were missing and her jaw was a little crooked. Besides having a minor drooling problem and a droopy mouth, she was the perfect cat.

We ended up giving Bobo to Katie’s younger sister and Bobo is very fat and happy now. She has been extremely spoiled. And we still get to see her whenever we want.

Tonight we went over to Kristine’s house to move the rest of Katie’s stuff over to our house and discovered a very skinny and hungry Chubby Cheeks. When we first encountered Chubby Cheeks he was a hefty boy. He was easily the biggest cat of the bunch. But when we found him tonight he was nothing but skin and bones. When he moved you could see the bones moving beneath his skin. Katie was really heartbroken to see this and we quickly decided that we should take him home and nurse him back to health.

So far Mr. Chubby Cheeks has been very appreciative of his new home and all of the great food we are feeding him. I’m sure he’ll be fat again very soon. The little fucker loves tuna. He can’t get enough tuna.

He has been very affectionate and really seems to love people. But our other two cats aren’t exactly keen on this strange new cat invading their territory. So it has been fun keeping all of the animals separated so we don’t end up with a bloodbath. Mr. Chubby Cheeks still has his claws, and I’m worried he might backhand one of these bitches if they give him any attitude.

Hopefully he will adjust to the new environment and all of the cats will start to get along and not try to kill each other each time they bump into each other.

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Target Audience

Yesterday I purchased tickets for the July 17th Midnight showing of The Dark Knight. My nerd boner is vibrating with anticipation. I haven’t been this excited about a movie in a very very long time.

Right now I’m listening to the new Beck Album (Modern Guilt) and trying to find the motivation to work. Maybe I have bats on the brain. Maybe I just hate my job. Maybe I have attention deficit disorder. Maybe I simply don’t give a shit. Who knows.

The new Beck album is pretty fantastic. I really like it. But I pretty much like everything Beck does.

I’ve also been listening to Joy Division (when I’m not obsessing over The Dark Knight, or falling asleep at my computer). I recently watched CONTROL, a film about Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, whose personal, professional, and romantic troubles drove him to commit suicide at the age of 23. I thought the film was really beautiful and tragic. Ultimately it is a portrait of depression and squandered potential.

After watching the film I couldn’t get the songs out of my head. I didn’t own any Joy Division albums and before experiencing the film I had very little knowledge of Joy Division. I was aware of Ian Curtis’s Suicide and that Joy Division became New Order after his death, but I was pretty much clueless beyond that. I ended up downloading a “best of” collection from Itunes and I’ve been listening to it religiously for the past 2 days. I can honestly say that I like Joy Division more than New Order.

back to work…

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