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When Barry met Barack

BarackThere’s a really interesting article about Barack Obama’s journey to self-discovery in Newsweek, though I read it online. There are pics of him in his college days, too.

I know some of you might like to see it.

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Casey Knowles rocks.

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WordPress Plug-Ins

Hey ya’ll.  Just wanted to make you aware of this link that lists the 50 best WordPress plug-ins.  Lots of good info here.

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duck with monocle.

Why does duck have the monocle? 

cuz he’s classy.

he’s a classy duck. 

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I like ’em.

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This is a follow up to the previous video post of John Daker.  Believe it or not, John has friends.  Each of them has obviously double or triple dipped in the prozac that day. Interestingly enough, they actually do two different arrangments of “God Bless America,” one in D Maj and one in E Maj, I guess for those of you who have more of a preferrence for four sharps (don’t we all?). 

The gal down front in the mustard outfit (who is apparently named Margie Hicks), sounds just like Rudolph from the Christmas claymation series. Awesome!

Download John Daker & Friend

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