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first of all, I thought PrettyFrank was dead and then I check it and Dust is keeping things going…. good job Dust.

Anyway, I’m hooked on ABC’s freekin’ amazing show WIPEOUT.  Damn, is it one damn funny show.  John Henson is one of the commentators and he makes me roll on the floor…. did anybody use to watch him on “Talk Soup”?  You know how funny he is.

It really is just a great show with people smashing into things and making total fools out of themselves…. good stuff.

I want to be on Wipeout but I would probably come off as a total “girly man”, so I’ll pass.  I like to be girly in private.

Watch this show, now!!  And it’s great for kids.

You know what else is great for kids?  Bacon.


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The season finale was last night and I enjoyed myself greatly.  I think the creators of LOST have not “lost” it… they just keep getting better and better.

Now, I’ve looked at the show differently since I read www.timelooptheory.com.  It’s a website with a theory on the whole LOST world and what is actually going on… it’s really good stuff, go read it.  It basically says the whole show is about “fate” and fate correcting itself because of time travel.  The theory has been pretty damn correct up until this point.  They did reference time travel last night with the “time traveling bunnies” experiments… so the Time Loop Theory may be on to something…..  but, they were wrong about one thing, who’s in the casket… they predicted Ben.  Oh well.  But, their theory does explain a lot, and if LOST is not about what this theory thinks it is… it should be.  Or the creators are going to have to work really hard to “out do” this theory…

I suggest you take 15 minutes to read their “theory timeline” and have your minds, officially, blown.

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Be sure to checkout THE NETWORK a six-piece New Wave Band comprised of members of Punk-Rock band Green Day. The Network released their debut album Money Money 2020 on the independent record label Adeline Records on September 30, 2003. A collection of songs about scoring drugs, supermodel robots, space aliens, and Masturbation that blend elements of 70’s punk with 80’s new wave.

This album kicks ass.

If you are a fan of either Green Day or Devo, you will love this album.

In fact, I probably like it better than most of Green Day’s albums.

The album is available on Itunes for $9.99.



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I predicted that the Bottom 3 would be:  Brooke White, Carly Smithson and Michael Johns… with Syesha Mercado as an ‘alternate’.

Well, I underestimated the love America has for Brooke White and her goodness… she was safe.

So, the Bottom 3 was Carly, Michael & Syesha…. I was pretty dang close.

And, goodbye to Michael Johns… too bad, I really liked him, but he had it coming.  I think he gave his best performance after he got ‘kicked off’… and America was probably sorry they dumped him.

I watched Carly cry and I thought that this competition is putting her through the ringer.  I hope she really comes out and kicks ass next week… and why didn’t they let her sing with Heart last night, instead of that scary freak Fergie?  Jesus, Fergie gives me the heebie jeebies.  She seems like the creepy drunk girl at your party that’s not getting enough attention so she talks and sings real loud and says things like “I’m sooooo drunk”…. and then she vomits into the sink.. and then laughs really hard with a little vomit on her chin… and then blows some dude in the bathroom… and then passes out….and then you try and wake her up and she says “I love you”… and then she nods off and then wakes back up and screams “Leave me alone, I’m fuckin’ fine!”… and then she starts crying a lot…. and then she says she tired of being an alcoholic and a whore… and that she really doesn’t even like alcohol or sex….. and then you have to walk around the party and hope that somebody knows who the heck she is and that they will drive her home, because you really don’t want this crazy drunk girl passed out in your bathroom, because that’s waaaaaaay too much responsibility and a complete buzz kill.

And how great was Annie Lennox the night before?  I cried and donated 50 bucks… crap, I’m not made out of wood, people?  (I almost forgot the comma after wood and that would of sounded like I was saying I was not made out of “wood people”… that’s gay (in a good way).

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American Idol Predictions.

Those of you that follow AI will understand this… those who don’t, please ignore the following.

My predictions for the BOTTOM 3 tonight:

1. Brooke White: She is definitely not bringin’ her “A Game”. She is capable of sooo much better, and America knows that. America is frustrated with her. Bottom 3.

2. David Archuleta: Last night’s song was soooo boring. I’m not sure why Simon thought it was so great? But, David did good enough… safe.

3. Carly Smithson: I think she is better than last night’s performance, also. I think she is confusing her fans on who she is (like Hillary Clinton)…. I want her to bring chills to me. She isn’t. Bottom 3.

4. Jason Castro: Perfect last night. He is sooooooo safe. Hello, couch.

5. Kristy Lee Cook: She has found her stride. She may be the toughest person in this competition and she is showing it. She is safe.

6. David Cook: He stunk it up. It was bound to happen. Every great Idol has a bad night. This was his. That “Our Lady Peace” song was terrible, or, at least his version was…. I just wanted it to stop. He deserves the bottom 3, but I think he will get by on his past “cred”…. he will be safe.

7. Syesha Mercado: She did just “okay”…. Fantastia, you are not. But I think she will make it through… safe.

8. Michael Johns: He does have to stop doing imitations of other singers. Stick to the blues… it’s your calling. America will punish you tonight and send you a “wake up” call. Bottom 3.

(My second thought: I believe if I’m wrong on any these, Syesha Mercado will be in the Bottom 3.)

-And, I loved that Paula finally told Randy that he needed to stop on the whole “pitchy” thing… he’s become a bad joke. They should just have a cardboard cut-out of him that says “dawg, pitchy, dawg, pitchy”…. of course, I always fast forward through him anyway.

I’ve grown to like Paula after last night.

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The History channel has a new kick ass show, UFO Hunters. it is some damn good shit.

The main star is Bill Birnes, the publisher of UFO Magazine. He’s one “iconic” dude, with his ever-present sunglasses, UFO ball cap, navy coat and pants tucked into his boots. When he does take off his sunglasses he blinks his eyes like crazy.

He is a hybrid.

He talks about those people who walk among us that are a little human AND alien. He’s one, there’s no doubt.

I bet that fucker will “probe” you at any given chance.

Each week, he and his team of researchers travel to the sites of world-famous UFO events where they use high-tech equipment and cutting-edge investigative techniques to explore the encounter and arrive at answers about what really happened.

I like that most of the time the show ends with Bill believing it all and the rest of his crew basically saying they are still looking for the “smoking gun”. Because, i believe the credibility of this show is the fact that they do actually have some real scientists looking into this stuff. it’s not just some dumb asses running around with a video camera saying, “Did you see that”? Hello, most paranormal shows!

Anyway go to: http://www.history.com/minisites/ufohunters/

Or just click here

The show is beautiful to watch. it’s one of the best designed and photograped shows of it’s kind on television.

I’m just glad Bill Birnes believes.


Fuck that, I DO believe.

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Dolly Parton on American Idol.

How great is Dolly Parton? Pretty damn great I would say!

On American Idol this week they sang Dolly Parton songs (she wrote almost all of them). Heck, she’s had 22 ‘number one’ singles… I had no idea.

Anyway, last night on the “Results Show”, Dolly came out and sang, and I was moved.

You realize that you are looking at a “Music Legend”, like Johnny Cash or even Jim Morrison or Jimi Hendrix for that matter.

I know a lot of people talk about her plastic surgery, but as far as I am concerned, she gets a “free pass”. I mean have you ever heard somebody say something that they have heard bad about Dolly Parton? Never. I think she is as genuine as she seems… and she seems like a damn hoot. And I NEVER call anybody a hoot. Never.

She sang a new song about “How all she would ever need is Jesus and Gravity”, and I thought “Right on”. I mean Dolly could song a song about diarrhea , and we would all be clapping along.

And her whole “look”, still works for her and always will, as far as I’m concerned.

I mean, who doesn’t love Dolly Parton?

And if you don’t, you’re a part of the “Axis of Evil”.

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