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Playing this weekend with friends “Spoonfed Tribe “at the Nacional in Hollywood and Martini Blues in Hungington Beach. Also playing quick acoustic set at Ghengis Cohen in hollywood on aug4, 7pm as part of BMI’s songwriter showcase. The Angel/Devil are working up a new batch of songs, and we got a new stray dog that was on the kill list at the south central shelter. We named him Silas in homage to Silas Adams from the David Milch masterpiece “Deadwood”. Dokken the cat is still running the place. All is well. xoxo Goob

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Wednesday night I witnessed the amazing power of Radiohead at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in St. Louis. The concert was incredible and beautiful and inspiring and perfect. I can die happy now.

Set List
All I Need
Jigsaw Falling into Place
15 Step
Kid A
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
The Gloaming
You and Whose Army?
Faust Arp
Everything in its Right Place
Bangers & Mash

Encore 1
Exit Music (for a film)
My Iron Lung
There There
Fake Plastic Trees

Encore 2
Pyramid Song
House of Cards
Paranoid Android

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In Rotation…

Fleet Foxes – Sun Giant EP


Dang it, this stuff is so good I can hardly stand it.  Think Band of Horses meets Le Loup meets Brian Wilson meets Bon Iver; singing their own versions of 16th/17th central choral pieces (ala “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming”).  I’ve got “Drops in the River” on repeat.

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Viper Room


Many of you kind folks have asked how the viper went. We plugged in and the curtain opened and on the very first chord of the song “DUMMY”- the power blew up. It was just jesse playing a fabulous acoustic drum solo and me telling jokes on the mic for what seemed like an eternity (most likely 3 or 4 mins). I told the crowd if anyone had an acoustic guitar to pass it up and we would turn it into a campfire show….They eventually closed the curtain- everyone smiling and playing air guitars with jesse, and reopened it a few moments later after some hardworking sound guys chased down the problem. Some momentum was curbed but everyone had a blast and the show went on. Here’s a little guy from the asian bistro…..

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North Cali shows all week. 4 up/4 down….San Luis Obisbo, Sonora, Davis and Santa Cruz.  Sonora, California is gorgeous. The gold country. The smell of the sawmill. Played one long set at THE LUMBERYARD – fun alt. country band called DRIVING NAILS opened. My delay pedal broke in sound check and we spent our dinner with metal parts all over the table. I think we ate one of the washers with the salad but it went back together and the show came off without a hitch. I want a guitar tech dammit The lovely Inn of California


Stayed at the INN OF CALIFORNIA. Yeah one room. Big time rock stars…..someone has to cuddle with someone each night. Everyone has had the same cold for about a month (and now you know why….). I have worn the same clothes for too many days- partially because I didn’t pack enough after moving everything out of my apt in LA into my sisters garage, and also because there is never time to wash and dry clothes before leaving the motels to drive each day. So be it. Billy Driver has lived this way for years and he still wins friends and influences people. Glamorous I know.


Off to Davis, CA tonight. Each day quite similar despite most folks assumption that it’s one big party…. Wake in a room with no light and try to find your belongings…clean up…take a trek down to the motel lobby, pound down coffee, steal apples from the tray and slide them into front of backpack, try to hook into the internet and catch up with  booking agent, answer email, search for new place to live in LA, write you kind people, make setlists, make sure the bands plan of attack is tight, learn who the opener is so I don’t disrespect them on stage that night, and occasionally stumble upon a lyrical line or two. Writing on the road is much harder then getting still in one place and calling down your imagination… but the tour rolls on….


We just decided to skip the motel in Santa Cruz and drive straight back to Colorado.  20 hours door to door.  Atleast there is free sushi tonight in Davis. 10-4 people. 


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Crow feat

SherylIn honor of Sheryl Crow performing in Wichita on Tuesday, I’ve composed a letter using her song titles:

Dear Sheryl,

I’ve been a fan for a long time. Ever since the beginning, when all you wanted to do was have some fun.

For a while, I even thought I was strong enough to be your man. By that was my favorite mistake.

So, when leaving Las Vegas, I found that every day is a winding road, and took your advice to soak up the sun.

Oh, but, ouch! That first cut is the deepest, indeed! So I decided to go home, if it makes you happy.

Well, much to my dismay, there goes the neighborhood! Thank goodness you’re always on my side.

So if you’re wondering, much like Steve McQueen, where has all the love gone? I can tell you this:

C’mon, c’,mon. Love is free.

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Your music video of the day….

see and hear more at http://www.myspace.com/silversunpickups or http://www.silversunpickups.com

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