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I realize I’m a little late here, but here’s a detail shot from my workspace…  Yes, that’s a computer speaker.

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One of my many side projects is an online art + design magazine called Proteus Mag, a FREE PDF magazine that showcases art by both amateur and professional artists in a variety of styles and mediums.

Be sure to check out the mag at http://www.proteusmag.com

The current issue features work by Francoise Nielly, Zach Johnsen, Tony Philippou, Marion Bolognesi, Brad Ruder, Rocky Burris, Chris Trenary, Jaki Mcelroy, Brian Hinkle, Cande Aguilar, Dolan Geiman, Erik Von Ploennies, Handiedan, Jacob Arden Mcclure, Jaleh Afshar, Sandrine Pagnoux, Nishi, Kareem Rizk, Jay Taylor, Iggy Medeiros, Paul D. Mckee, and Katie Sykes.


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So far so good.  Pretty frank is becoming what it needs to be… “all over the place”.  You never know what you’ll see or read on PF.  And that’s a good thing. I think we are all finding our voice on here.  I’m going to try and use it to become a better artist.  By that I mean, allow myself to just do whatever comes to me… good or bad.  It’s all part of the journey, after all.  I think as we get older (as artists), we feel a need to do really important stuff, and the truth is, the dorky little stuff that we think is really not important is usually the stuff that speaks to people the most…. so, let’s all be Pretty Frank.

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PrettyFrank’s first fan mail!!!

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I like ’em.

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Who farted?

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Digital Hues

I always just assumed that everyone saw numbers and letters like I did. When I was in college I brought it up with some friends of mine. They looked at me like I had divulged that I believed in leprechauns.

I was explaining my mental image of the alphabet, how it started in the East and proceeded West, and you looked at it with your back to the North, looking South. The time of day is late afternoon, and it is very overcast. There are a lot more details, but at this point I knew my friends didn’t share this same concept. I have a very specific mental image of the number system as well.

The number system starts in the North and you are looking at it from the West side facing East. It starts low and moves up to plateaus every group of ten until you hit 100, with a especially steep incline through the teens with a high, abrupt plateau at 20. Then it plateaus every group of 100 until you hit 1000, where it makes a hard turn toward into the East, continuing ad infinitum (going up and down at very specific points. It makes another slight turn toward the South, and it doubles back several times). Again, there are a lot of other more specific details, but it is difficult to explain in a clear, definitive way. I also have a mental picture of a day, a week, and a year. For some reason I have no mental image of a month. Not sure why.

I know I am not the only one that thinks like this. Though it is difficult to explain how a year is a large circle on a 30 degree slant, low in the North, high in the South, I can easily describe the color of each of the first nine digits. Well, seven of the nine digits. Here they are:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Not sure why 1 and 5 have no specific color. They just don’t.

Like I said, I am sure I am not the only one that thinks this way.

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