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Hi franksters and such:

I have moved my production blog over to WordPress (thanks Fuel). It will be easier for me to update, now that I will have PrettyFrank and FOUREYE Films side by side.

I’m 50 pages into my new script KANSAS GOTHIC, so I thought this would be a good time to start fresh on my production blog.

I have committed to updating it at least once a week… maybe then I will actually stay on top of it.

Check it out and comment: Click here

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made me happy!


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MIA Director

One of the funniest things that happened while I was with the crew in London was when the director decided to go shopping after the shoot ended early one day. He went with our Hairdresser and the sound man, both of whom eventually got tired and headed back to the hotel.
Five hours later there’s still no sign of the director and everybody from production starts freaking out looking for him on every major street and neighboring Borough. The man spoke no English whatsoever and had no idea how to get back to the hotel as (come to find out) he had neither his bag, with the address taped into it, nor his cell phone on him. We looked for him for 4 hours until someone called and let us know he was back at the hotel.
Till today, I have no idea how the man made it back (12:30 in the morning) having been lost for 6 hours in a place like London.

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Into the Wild.

This is an amazing film that has left me feeling strange inside.

The journey that this young man has taken is a dozen lifetimes compared to my own. it makes me reflect on a lot of different things:

1. Am I living to my potential?

2. Am I taking any chances with my life (am I living or am I playing it too safe)?

3. Am I making the world a better place or am I being too selfish?

4. Am I taking the time to really appreciate all that I am blessed with… family, friends, health, artistic abilities?

5. Do I let “ego” interfere in my own happiness?

6. Do I truly accept “who I am” and “where I come from”?

I guess we try to answers these questions everyday of our lives. And, I believe, we feel the need to answer them more as we get older and reflect on our lives, our past, and that which has made us who we are… good and bad.

The main character, Chris McCandless sets out on a journey to escape the shackles of society, but it really seems he is trying to escape the pain of his childhood. And he makes his ultimate goal, Alaska. And as Hal Holbrook’s character asks him simply, “What are you running from”? The answer, of course, is himself.

He discovers the ultimate truth is, that we all need each other to get through this world.

“You can’t make it on your own”

And I couldn’t help but think about what an amazing job Sean Penn did as a director and a filmmaker. But, it also begged the bigger question… Why do most genius artists seem to be such tragic assholes in their personal lives. And Sean Penn confuses me. He seems to do a lot of good, but I’ve heard enough stories about him that lead me to believe that he believes “his own hype”.

He seems to be working on his image and legacy with every puff of his cigarette.

If you shot him with the “honesty raygun”, he would probably admit to wanting to just play golf, get fat and watch a lot of cable TV.

But he can’t, he has his legacy to think of. James Dean and Jack Kerouac didn’t play golf and they definitely didn’t play by the rules…. because that wouldn’t be “cool”.

Those who pursue “cool”, will never be cool. I’ve tried and failed many times.

So, can a great artist be a nice guy? Not in the dramatic sense… that’s boring, that doesn’t sell books or make for good films.

So, are there are great artists that are also very good people?

Absolutely, and some of them are right here on Pretty Frank.

And I’m glad to call them friends…

Because you can’t make it on your own.

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Last night I watched “Confessions of a Superhero,” a documentary film by Matt Ogens and I loved it.
The film explores the fascination, obsession and allure of fame through the eyes of a group of struggling actors who earn their living by dressing up as our most beloved superheroes and posing for photographs for tourists on Hollywood Boulevard. This film is deeply touching and beautiful. Be sure to check it out.

For more info visit http://www.therealsuperhero.com


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