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I had a fantastic Easter yesterday with my family. It was really amazing. I have found that in the last few years my family has meant more and more to me. I think we tend to go ‘back to our roots’ as we get older. My dad died a few years back, and I had a feeling a couple of years before he passed that he probably wouldn’t be in our lives much longer, so I tried to really enjoy my time with him, and I did. We were really close.

His passing and the week he spent in the hospital really cemented my bond to my family. I looked at them as all very precious people… and that you really don’t ever have more history than you do with your family. Especially when you are the youngest of 11 kids. We have been through a lot together.

My mom survived ovarian cancer in the last year and that brought us all even closer. You start to realize how fragile we all are when you see someone you love go through something like this. And we all realize how much we are just scared kids needing someone to lean on… and that’s what my family is really good at. The Hamptons may bitch about each other sometimes but we all love each other very much. And my family is very accepting… considering half my family is religious conservative and the other half is liberal and gay… my one brother is black, liberal and gay… and nobody cares. As adults I have never seen my family fight… it’s always hugs and smiles.

I guess I’m just saying how thankful I am to have the family I have, and sometimes I lose sight of that when I’m having some kind of “pity party”…. and at the end of the day, I really have nothing to complain about…. thank God.

The photo up top is me with my brothers and sister (without Elliott the black and gay one I spoke of, he wants me to ‘photoshop’ him into the photo)…. I’m the little blond haired boy, and “yes” I used to be blond before I had black hair and now grey.

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