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Did I ever mention that I am severely “PAEDOPHOBIC”

Paedophobia is the fear or infants and young children. I don’t trust them. I’d rather sleep in a pit of venomous snakes than spend 5 minutes alone with a baby.

Babies are evil and must be stopped.

Forget about the threat of suicide bombers and nuclear war and global climate change and infectious disease and planet X and flesh eating zombies.

Those bald headed banshees are the real threat to civilization.

I cringe every time I hear one of those creatures screaming incoherent gibberish. That terrible sound makes me want to kill something. It is a torture worse that waterboarding or electrocution or leeches on your naughty parts. And it never stops. It never sleeps. It never shuts up. That sonic screech pulsating out of their giant misshapen heads. Vomit and drool seeping out of their toothless mouths. Crusty chunks of tapioca pudding embedded in their sponge bob square pants stretch suit. They Stumble around like drunken ventriloquist dolls. Like a Frankenstein monster stalking his next victim. Their diapers full of urine and digested carrot puree. The stink! That horrible baby smell. The smell of shit and talcome powder and rotten apple sauce. The smell of death. The smell of evil. The smell of a miniature hobo.

And babies seem to love me. They gravitate toward me like flesh hungry zombies.

They must smell my fear.

I don’t understand why so many people want babies, or find babies so adorable and precious. Am I the only one that can see past those big red eyes?

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And Justin Timberlake got to see his Memphis Tigers get their asses handed to them by Kansas!

There is a God… and he loves Kansas.

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creepy jelly


luuuuuuuuuv creepy jelly

its creepy

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Poncho is one bad mofo.


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