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One of my many side projects is an online art + design magazine called Proteus Mag, a FREE PDF magazine that showcases art by both amateur and professional artists in a variety of styles and mediums.

Be sure to check out the mag at http://www.proteusmag.com

The current issue features work by Francoise Nielly, Zach Johnsen, Tony Philippou, Marion Bolognesi, Brad Ruder, Rocky Burris, Chris Trenary, Jaki Mcelroy, Brian Hinkle, Cande Aguilar, Dolan Geiman, Erik Von Ploennies, Handiedan, Jacob Arden Mcclure, Jaleh Afshar, Sandrine Pagnoux, Nishi, Kareem Rizk, Jay Taylor, Iggy Medeiros, Paul D. Mckee, and Katie Sykes.


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Speaking of reading…..

When I was in college I started subscribing to Art News and Art In America, and I continued to subscribe to both publications for a couple years after I graduated. One day I realized that I never read the magazines. I had a stack of old art magazines collecting dust. Magazines that didn’t really inspire me to read them, or inspire me to make better art. I realized that both magazines were basically the same boring publication with the same boring articles and the same boring images. I started to realize that both magazines were so similar that you really didn’t need to read both of them. One would do just fine. Then I realized that I really didn’t care to read either of them and I allowed my subscriptions to expire.

Then I discovered….


An art magazine that inspired me and spoke to me and my own artistic sensibilities.

If you are not aware of Juxtapoz be sure to check it out.

It is my favorite art magazine.


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I’ve never been an avid reader, mostly because I have an extremely short attention span and I don’t have the time or discipline or patience required to sit down and read a novel. I envy those bookworms that have the focus and discipline to dedicate an entire afternoon to reading a novel without passing out in a fat boy coma. The written word has this magic ability to make me fall into a deep sleep. So reading a book usually becomes a year long ordeal.

A couple days ago I FINALLY finished reading Chuck Palahnuik’s latest novel, Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey. It kicks ass!

I’m a huge fan of Palahnuik’s work and I make a point to read all of his books. They really speak to me. His work is extremely humorous, insightful, and twisted.

So if Chuck Palahnuik can get me to read then he must be a genius.

Be sure to visit http://www.chuckpalahniuk.net to learn more about Palahniuk and his work.

I highly recommend Fight Club, Survivor, Choke, and Haunted.

Here is one of my favorite short stories by Palahniuk. (more…)

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While working on my next screenplay, “The Dead Can’t Dance” (which, by the way, is Wade’s awesome title), a friend of mine has lended me the book “The Zombie Survival Guide.” It’s hilarious! And very insightful, too (since I’ll be making a zombie movie, of sorts). I’ve just started it, but very excited about it. It’s written totally straightforward, too, but also funny in its own right. A must-read for any zombie movie lover. The last chapter of the book is an “Outbreak Journal,” reserved for “suspicious events that could indicate a possible outbreak.”As the subtitle says, it’s “Complete protection from the living dead.” I feel much, much safer now. 

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