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first of all, I thought PrettyFrank was dead and then I check it and Dust is keeping things going…. good job Dust.

Anyway, I’m hooked on ABC’s freekin’ amazing show WIPEOUT.  Damn, is it one damn funny show.  John Henson is one of the commentators and he makes me roll on the floor…. did anybody use to watch him on “Talk Soup”?  You know how funny he is.

It really is just a great show with people smashing into things and making total fools out of themselves…. good stuff.

I want to be on Wipeout but I would probably come off as a total “girly man”, so I’ll pass.  I like to be girly in private.

Watch this show, now!!  And it’s great for kids.

You know what else is great for kids?  Bacon.


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The season finale was last night and I enjoyed myself greatly.  I think the creators of LOST have not “lost” it… they just keep getting better and better.

Now, I’ve looked at the show differently since I read www.timelooptheory.com.  It’s a website with a theory on the whole LOST world and what is actually going on… it’s really good stuff, go read it.  It basically says the whole show is about “fate” and fate correcting itself because of time travel.  The theory has been pretty damn correct up until this point.  They did reference time travel last night with the “time traveling bunnies” experiments… so the Time Loop Theory may be on to something…..  but, they were wrong about one thing, who’s in the casket… they predicted Ben.  Oh well.  But, their theory does explain a lot, and if LOST is not about what this theory thinks it is… it should be.  Or the creators are going to have to work really hard to “out do” this theory…

I suggest you take 15 minutes to read their “theory timeline” and have your minds, officially, blown.

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200 posts!

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With gas prices heading towards four dollars a gallon, this is exactly what we need.

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This scary damn thing had a vacuum in it’s mouth to suck in your trash… my brothers and sisters and I were terrified that we were going to lose an arm.


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Man, I spend a lot of time on the internet.  I should have known to do just a LITTLE BIT of searching before I made that request.  Within two minutes I had found a wikipedia page on Joyland which had excellent information and included a link to a site called Remember Joyland which had all sorts of awesome photos of Joyland. 

The clown’s name was Louie.  Here are a couple of pix.  Now, I realize that this picture might not do justice to Louie’s true evil nature, but I promise, he is a spooky dude.  Don’t let his jocular appearance fool you.  That is how he lures you in. 

I love the internet. 

Louie the Clown

Louie the Clown II

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I always thought that I wasn’t an official DEVO fan until I had my very own Energy Dome.  Well, it only took me 25 years but mine arrived in the mail yesterday!  And you can see me sportin’ it above…

And it came with the following story and instructions for the DEVO Energy Dome.

Yep, I’m a geek.

And I’m proud.


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And Justin Timberlake got to see his Memphis Tigers get their asses handed to them by Kansas!

There is a God… and he loves Kansas.

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I’m just sayin’…

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100 posts.



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This is my all time favorite Bruno clip.

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This is probably the best essay/ebook/manifesto/rant/piece of comfort I have read in years. The title is not terribly gripping or inspiring, but the content is awesome. It is called “How to Be Creative.” Written in 2004 by cartoonist Hugh Macleod (I am always the last to know).


For anyone who is creative and has been slapped in the face by the real world along with the guilt and insecurity of perceived unrealized potential.


Give it a shot. If you dig it, check out Macleod’s website

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i like boo yaw


boo yaw

I like it

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