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this made me feel, well, you tell me:

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my word blog has been started/added to the blogroll.
feel free to visit me there, too.

xo, Fs

textual deviant

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Hey Frankies and…..Annette?

I wanted to pass on a discovery I made about posting to Pretty Frank.  If you have a rather long post, rather than putting the entire thing on the front page, consider putting in a “read more” link that will take interested readers to the entire post on a seperate page.  You can do this by finding a suitable place within the post and then adding what is called a “more tag.”  If you are using the Visual format to write, you will find this button just to the left of the spell check. Place the cursor where you want the post to leave off on the front page and click this button. Same process with the “Code” format, except you would click the “more” button.

I actually did this to dustinparkerarts post “I Don’t Read Part I.” Dustin, that was pretty inconsiderate of me to do that without asking you first, though. My apologies.

ALSO, in the interest of driving people to Pretty Frank, if you can add tags to your posts, this will really help exposing us to people doing searches. For example, when I was searching “guys getting sucked by dog” yesterday, well, whadaya know, up popped Pretty Frank. Pretty cool, huh?

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