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The season finale was last night and I enjoyed myself greatly.  I think the creators of LOST have not “lost” it… they just keep getting better and better.

Now, I’ve looked at the show differently since I read www.timelooptheory.com.  It’s a website with a theory on the whole LOST world and what is actually going on… it’s really good stuff, go read it.  It basically says the whole show is about “fate” and fate correcting itself because of time travel.  The theory has been pretty damn correct up until this point.  They did reference time travel last night with the “time traveling bunnies” experiments… so the Time Loop Theory may be on to something…..  but, they were wrong about one thing, who’s in the casket… they predicted Ben.  Oh well.  But, their theory does explain a lot, and if LOST is not about what this theory thinks it is… it should be.  Or the creators are going to have to work really hard to “out do” this theory…

I suggest you take 15 minutes to read their “theory timeline” and have your minds, officially, blown.

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blackeyeVery interesting article, in more ways than one. And I agree that far too often movies get made that are merely regurgitated from other movies before them.

But, yeah, you’re right. Making a movie is a completely daunting task. I’ve talked about this with Wade at length. I’ve often said that I wish I could knock out a film like I could knock out a painting (not that that’s by any means easy). Then it would be quicker to define my “style.” It took literally five years to get my first movie made. 

And gearing up for another feature was difficult. Part of me was like, “GAWD, do I really want to do this again?” Go through the heartache, the worrying, the sleepless nights, the countless hours, the logistics, everything. It’s kind of like going through a gang of people swinging baseball bats. You know you’ll get hit and it’s going to hurt, but you grit your teeth, cover up all your vulnerable spots and head on through. 

Because it’s not supposed to happen. We’re not supposed to make movies. I think with my limited resources and knowledge, just making a movie is breaking a rule unto itself.

I love all the movies on that list for different reasons. I can only hope to defiantly pursue my visions with as much tenacity as they have.

And not get a black eye.


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Currently before Congress stands the new Orphan Works Bill. If passed, this bill will adversely affect visual artists, as it would drastically affect copyright laws.

Right now, anything you create is protected by copyright, whether you register it or not (although if you don’t register it, you cannot later claim copyright infringement.) Under this new legislation, nothing you create would be protected unless you commercially register it. You would have to pay to own rights to anything you create, commercially or just for your own pleasure, so that other people cannot steal your work.

The idea behind the Orphan Works Bill is to “free up old work” from copyright owners who have passed away (currently copyright laws last through the owners lifetime, plus 70 years.) But what if you’re still alive and making new work? You basically get screwed. In a sense, it will “orphan” anything you’ve ever created.

Unless you want to digitize all your work, or pay big bucks to register your creativity, you’ll want to check out more on this legislation at http://mag.awn.com/index.php?article_no=3615
and take action with this helpful site – http://capwiz.com/illustratorspartnership/home/

Source – http://www.juxtapoz.com – Saturday, 24 May 2008

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Your music video of the day….

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I do.  I really really do.  I hate to type and it takes me forever to think of anything worthy to post, and I can “gab” with the best of them, but when I have to “write’ it, I’m fucked.  I feel like a total dipshit (is dip shit two words?).

I have a lot to say but not a lot to write.  I need a secretary who can take dictation.  But then I would just sit there and say nothing… and she/he would just stare at me.  Maybe I need to blog “drunk”, then I would let the words flow.  And then I would go on about some of the chicks I find really hot on TV like that girl named Crush on “American Gladiators” and I would just yell about all the racists fucks in Kentucky that fear a black President, and…. never mind, fuck Kentucky… and Ohio…… and Pennsylvania…. except for those good people who did vote for Obama while their white trash neighbors stayed in 19th century.

Drunk blogging…. I should try that.

Crush is hot, by the way.

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I am quickly discovering that the longer you live in a house the more blemishes and scars and bloody holes you find. When we first walked into the house it was love at first sight. It was the perfect house for us. And we quickly signed on the dotted line without any hesitation. It was beautiful and perfect and flawless. All of the little pimples and pockmarks were cute little things that gave it “character.” But the longer you live in a place the bigger the pimples get, and they start to ooze puss and grow gnarly little hairs.

When we moved into the house, the basement was full of puddles of water and a dead bunny was floating in the sump pump. This was perfectly ok because my parents house had a leaky basement and I had grown accustom to the routine of mopping up the water after a hard rain. The floors and walls are all unfinished / unpainted concrete so I don’t need to worry about the water causing any real damage. And I just need to put anything of value up on a shelf where the water can’t ruin it. No problem.

Then the air conditioner went out. The air filter needed to be replaced because it was black with dust and grime. A sticker on the air conditioner read “air filter replaced 1984.” There is a chance that we’ve been breathing in dead skin from the person that lived in our house in 1987. Secondhand smoke from a cigarette burnt out in 1995. pneumonia from 1992. Old farts and coughs repeated over and over again.

The air conditioner also had a coolant leak.

I took off most of the afternoon so the repairman could come to the house and fix the air conditioner. I ended up watching ‘Margot At The Wedding,’ a film written and directed by Noah Baumbach, who also directed ‘The Squid And The Whale’ and Co-wrote “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (One of my favorite Wes Anderson films). I really liked the film and thought it was one of Nicole Kidman’s best performances. Jack Black was pleasantly good despite a few moments of overacting. I highly recommend it.

After waiting for 3 hours for the repairman to bring me the gift of cold air he suddenly vanished without saying a word. I was a little frustrated that I had to take a 3 hour lunch but I quickly reminded myself that I was renting and I wasn’t responsible for the bill. I still had to work late to make up for the lost time but it was reassuring to know that all of the pimples and blemishes aren’t my financial responsibility.

Tonight Katie washed dishes for the first time and the dish washer started leaking soap suds and water all over the floor. I’m guessing Katie put to much soap in the dish washer. But there is also a chance that the dish washer is rabid. So I might get another 3 hour lunch break later this week. I should have a good movie handy.

Today Katie told me that the neighbor told her that our house has some foundation problems and that it is fairly severe. Apparently he spends a fair amount of his day watching our house settle or sink or whatever you call it.

But again

Not my problem. I don’t have to fix it.

So far renting hasn’t been all that bad.

I just have to pop a zit or two.

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I remember seeing Time Code at Cinemas East, a four screen multiplex that showcased obscure art and foreign films. The theater lobby was dark and melancholic. Most of the light bulbs had died months ago, and the few remaining fluorescent bulbs were left gasping for life. The theater looked abandoned, as if human civilization vanished and left nothing but stale popcorn and boxes of petrified Mike and Ike candies. The sole survivor was a pimpled face teenager with greasy hair and random patches of facial hair. This teenage mutant worked the concession stand. He served your popcorn. He sold you your ticket. He ran the projector. He did everything except clean the carpet. Popcorn kernels were embedded in the fibers of the carpet’s loud designs. Large areas of the carpet were stained from Coca-cola spills.

It was my favorite place to be.

I remember the first 20 minutes of Time Code had a soundtrack that sounded like sonic youth on acid, later I discovered that all of the screeching and static and fuzz was the result of a faulty speaker. I remember that Cinemas East always had technical problems. The sound didn’t work or the projectionist would play the wrong reel in the wrong order.

I also remember that I absolutely hated Timecode. I was intrigued by the idea behind Timecode. I was very much impressed with the technical achievement of filming 4 continuous frames of action that converge and collide through out the film. All 4 frames were shot in one take at the same time, so if one camera made a mistake then all 4 camera would have to start over. This was much more ambitious than Russian Ark, but both films were equally uninteresting and mundane. The technique doesn’t really add to the story like Christopher Nolan’s use of reverse chronology did with Memento. The editing technique put us in Leonard’s shoes. It made us disoriented and confused and paranoid. It added depth to the story. Whereas Timecode is just 4 really mediocre movies playing at the same time.

Reservior Dogs is hands down the best film that Tarantino has ever done. Memento, Psycho and Requiem For A Dream are all in my all time top 10 favorite films. Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back is by far my favorite Star Wars film. And Goodfellas is one of the best gangster movies ever made. This is a great list of films. Everyone should run out and see all of them.

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